Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bad Year for the Wii

"2011 was not kind to Wii owners. While the 3DS had a rocky year of its own, and the Wii U began to take form, there simply were no games of note on Nintendo's home console until the final weeks of the year. To put it mildly, that kind of content management is unacceptable, particularly from a veteran publisher that has watched its previous two home platforms suffer the same fate. Why were no lessons learned? How did the release schedule simply bottom out in such a drastic fashion? The mere idea that Nintendo is forced to delay completed games like Xenoblade to 2012, for seemingly no other reason than to grasp at satisfying its customers until a new console arrives, is stunning.

What's scary is 2012 isn't necessarily looking much better, unless you're willing to invest a few hundred dollars in what Nintendo has planned next. The company will have a lot to prove in the coming year, particularly on the heels of a year like this one."


Needs some Fatal Frame in 2012, tbh. ;)

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