Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to Op Zero

Taking a note of inspiration from Operation Rainfall's success in pushing Nintendo of America to bring at least two of the games they had been pushing for, over to North American shores. Operation Zero, or OpZero for short, intends to do the same thing, only in this case our cause is for one specific game. That game being Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly, alsoa Wii exclusive.

We at OpZero have laid down the groundwork for plans on how we are going to do this. Like Operation Rainfall, we are working on promoting European sales of the game, which on their shores will be known as Project Zero 2 Wii Edition, and we shall be staging our own write-in campaign to bring this game to North America too.

The plan goes as follows:

Step 1: Promote the organization, encourage people to join us, broaden the horizons and extend beyond Facebook to bring even more people into the fold.

Step 2: Begin Phase 1 of the write-in campaign to Nintendo of America, begin to make inroads to Nintendo themselves using this method and let them know exactly what we want. (Completed)

Step 3: Continued growth, inking out deals with other sites to promote OpZero even more should we get notice from Nintendo themselves. Continued contact via calling in, and writing in. (Ongoing)

Step 4: Initiate Phase 2 of the write-in campaign once substantial growth is reached in order to attain a bigger impact than before. Continue paving the inroads to Nintendo, encouraging them to finally bring the Fatal Frame series back to the states not just for this generation of gaming, but future generations as well. (Ongoing)

Step 5: TBA

Know that we at OpZero are dedicated to the cause, and are absolutely determined to make sure the Fatal Frame series gets it's due, and gets the gold treatment it so rightfully deserves. Everyone who becomes a member will be another notch closer to bringing a wonderful game that deserves to be experienced by everyone who wants it, to North American shores.

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